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“Tonight I came from Mabry Middle school in Cobb County. I went to watch a student perform in their school’s Peter Pan play. Some of you may know that student, Viveca Harjani (she is in some of the DI pictures).  2 years ago, Viveca and Njeri (my daughter) did the Technical challenge as a 2 person team. Viveca disliked acting and Njeri was Not fond of coming up with technical “stuff”. So that year I told the girls they will switch, Viveca would take all the acting parts and Njeri would do all the Technical part. I didn’t know how it would work but that was the only way I could see us getting through a tournament much less winning anything. Some background on Viveca, the 2 prior years when we had a 7 or 6 person team, Viveca would contribute to everything technical, building and background scenes, but during the practice and tournaments, she would walk the walls 🙂 and almost look like she wanted to disappear from the stage.
Well tonight was a different story. Viveca was Captain Cook and boy was she good. I felt like a “proud” parent watching her. Her stage presence and confidence was awesome. She took command of that stage. She sang and did everything that I would be shaking my head for 3 years watching her in DI 🙂 (well 2 years, because that last year I would tease her and tell her that she was acting and didn’t even realize). So the moral of my story is that DI comes out in ways that you never would expect later on in a DIer life.  I just thought that I would share this about Viveca and DI.”
                                                                                            – Lauren Lewis, GA DI Board Member and a veteran team manager


“I wanted to share with you how great this program has been for the students on my team.

Now in middle school, 5 team members are now Jr Beta/Honor Society members. They are all honor roll, of course. The 6th grade teachers rant about how I have the best kids. Hanna was 6th grade “Top Jawk” in January. They are having a fantastic year!

I really believe that this program is at least somewhat responsible for the success they are having in middle school.  The problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills are invaluable. Each year to see the team grow and improve is the most rewarding experience.”

                                                                           – Angela Erlich, a D.I. parent and team leader for two years at River Eves (Angela and her team are now at Holcomb Bridge middle school)