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Georgia Training Modules
(adapter from California & Texas Training)

We offer several new Team Manager training sessions.  These newly revised training sessions are designed to introduce you to DI as a whole, its Challenges, vision, and mission.  Our goal is to also provide guidance and insight for you, the Team Managers specifically.  If we have not already said so, it is parents, supporters, volunteers, and Team Managers who make DI possible for these young innovators.  Know that your time and efforts are appreciated by your teams greatly.

So when and where do you need to be?  You can visit the calendar section for details and directions. To sign-up, please send an email to

Online training is available through DI. You’ll be automatically enrolled when you register.  Go to the bottom of this page for a link.

Destination Imagination Inc has lot of resources to help the team managers as well. Go to and visit the Team Resources. Also, check out this video on Team Manager Training for a perspective on the roles a Team Manager plays.

Team Manager Training
Part One

Beginning Team Manager Training

  • Understanding the DI Experience
  • The Team Manager’s Role
  • Getting Your Team Started
  • Your First Meeting
  • Picking Your Challenge
  • Reading the Challenge
  • Additional Resources

View the training – Part 1

Team Manager Training
Part Two

Beginning Team Manager Training

  • Manager’s Role – Review
  • Resolving Team Conflict
  • Attacking the Challenge
  • Storytelling
  • Rules of the Road
  • Roadmap
  • Instant Challenge and Interference
  • Instant Challenge
  • Additional Resources

View the training – Part 2

Team Decisions

Brainstorming and Team Decision Making

View the training



Creating and Effective and Fun-to-Watch Skit

View the training

Instant Challenge Tips

IC Basics

Tips & Tricks for great ICs

View the training – IC Baiscs

Tips & Tricks

Bringing it All Together

How to get them to the Finish Line

View the training (coming soon)

Rules of the Road

Understanding and Using the Rules of the Road

View the training (coming soon)

Tournament Prep

What to do to get your Team ready for the Tournament

View the training (coming soon)

DI Online Training

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