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Teams and Team Managers will find all sorts of helpful information on this page.

Georgia provides all sorts of helpful information to our Team and Team Managers. If you’re interested in being a part of the Destination Imagination program, please contact us by visiting our contact us page.

  • Go to our Calendar for the program year events, training sessions and monthly conference calls..
  • Online Training currently houses online training modules for “Being a DI Appraiser” and “Being a DI Team Manager.”  Each module is designed with a one-to-many approach to allow consistency across the DI constituency, as well as help to establish program standards.  Destination Imagination invites all of its volunteers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about the Destination Imagination program.
  • You can find an example of a typical DI timeline to help guide you through the season.
  • Make use of the Instant Challenge freebies. There are more downloadable Instant Challenges below.

2 Minute Team Manager

These videos cover a range of topics to help you guide your team!


The DI Whisper Video Series

Another video series that will help your team with their DI Skills

Tips & Information For A Successful DI Season
Reference Material: California DI

Instant Challenge

Tips, Tricks and Zillions of ICs

The DI Program

How to Explain the program to kids and parents

Team Organization

Getting Organized to start the season off right!

Managing Your Team

All kinds of helpful information

Team Manager Journey

A timeline to use to guide your team to success. Filled with useful info for each step in managing your Team.


How can you best protect your team (and their Challenge solution) from unwanted Interference?


Teamwork is a fundamental life skill. Building trust and
teamwork using these games and activities is the first thing you should try with your team.

CPS Tools

What are CPS Tools? Teaching your team to use Creative Problem Solving Skills to solve their Challenge.

The Design Process

Basic steps you should go through when building some type of prop or device.

Materials and Construction

So much information on materials, tools, construction and props.


Information on drama, acting, costume, makeup and storytelling.  Skills you can use with your team.

Challenge Help

Structure and Technical Challenge help.

Tournament Tips

Prepare your team and parents for Tournament day.

After the Season is Over

Take time to celebrate all the kids have accomplished.


How to explain the program to kids and parents.

Team Manager Corner

Tips and advice from experienced Team Managers to help you through the season.

Global Finals

Congratulations to you and your team.  So, what’s next.


Team Manager Resources

Videos available for teams and team managers to learn how a team challenge is presented and how teams think about solving a team challenge:


  • Some videos on Instant Challenge