Start A Team

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  1. Read the Challenge Overviews to learn about each of our competitive Team Challenges.
  2. Watch the videos [coming soon] about each of the challenges
  3. Look at the “First Look Document” to learn a little more about each challenge. The information provided in this First Look document is a synopsis of each Challenge and is designed to help your team decide on which Challenge you would like to solve. Your team MUST download and read the full Challenge and Rules of the Road from the Resource Area in order to solve the Challenge successfully.
  4. Steps to Start A Team and Team Challenge Pricing
  5. Review the pricing. The price per Team number, $105/each, is payable when you purchase a team number, as indicated in the Step 4 above. In addition, there will be a the Georgia Affiliate fee of $125/team when you purchase your Team number.  This affiliate fee covers all program costs in the state, include training, all events, the regional showcase and the state tournament.
  6. Pick a team Challenge:
    • First, have each team member fill out the Individual Specialties Inventory
    • Second, have the team add their scores on the Individual Specialties Tally Sheet
    • Third, combine all team member scores on the Team Specialties Tally Sheet
    • Fourth, discuss the results and talk about how your team’s talents might help you choose a Team Challenge
  7. Go through a background check (for team managers only)
  8. Attend Training
    • Online Training
    • GA Team Manager Training — Watch the Calendar on this website
  9. Let these 2 resources, that are part of the challenge packet, guide you
    • Road Map – includes tools to strengthen the creative process and help teams arrive at Team Challenge solutions.
    • Rules of the Road – contains all the rules, procedures and some of the forms that are required to participate in a team challenge. Everything in this document is important.
  10. Enjoy your DI Team(s) and be amazed at what they can accomplish!