Regional Showcase – Prep

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Are you participating in our Regional Showcase?


We’re now busy preparing for the upcoming Regional Showcases:

  • Atlanta Area – February 25th – Fulton Science Academy, Alpharetta
  • Central Region – March 4th – Oak Hill Middle School, Milledgeville

The Regional Showcase is an OPTIONAL event, that allows teams to present their solution to the appraisers (and audience) in a format similar to the Affiliate Tournament.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for your team to see how your solution satisfies the requirements of the Challenge.  Teams will receive their scores (both their Central Challenge and Instant Challenge) but we will not provide a ranking/comparison between the teams. Please choose either Atlanta or Central Region, whichever is the most convenient location for you.

As this is an OPTIONAL event, we need to know if your team plans to participate in one of the showcases (your team can attend either one).  Remember, the Showcase is for our competitive level teams only — our Rising Stars teams will present at our Affiliate Tournament only.

Once we know who is participating, we’ll be able to create the schedule for the day, create score sheets for our appraisers, plan the rooms that we’ll use, etc.

Please go to the Regional Showcase Google sheet document and indicate if your team plans to attend.  We request that you update this document by NO LATER THAN Friday, February 3rd.  If you’re unable to update the document, please let us know via email and we’ll update it for you.

The sooner you tell us if you’re participating, the sooner we can create the schedule for the day and you can share with your teams.