Getting Started 2019-2020

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1. Do you plan on participating in Georgia DI this year?

2. If not, or not in your same capacity as last, is there someone we could contact that might help fill your spot?

Getting Started Thoughts

Pop Up Banners: Georgia DI has ordered 10 pop up banners that we can loan for registration, meet and greet, club day, etc. Banners will be distributed first come first serve so e-mail Annette at or call/text 404-271-6522 with interest and date if known.

Promotion Materials: You may print/distribute any of the materials here to promote DI. If you prefer DI Georgia to provide, contact We suggest the Parent Guide Flyer which can be found here.

Challenge Program:  The price per Team number is $105 each. In addition, Georgia will collect the Affiliate Fee of $125 at the time team number purchase to cover the costs of training, Instant Challenge Day and Affiliate Tournament. This year, DI is providing enhanced previews of the Challenges. These will be available publicly at no cost and will hopefully allow you to get started a little easier, especially with new teams. These Materials may be distributed to your team, school, school district and/or organization to promote DI to your community. These will make a great addition to your DI library. Program Materials will be released for purchaser download on September 1.  “Getting Started” materials can be used in August for various activities, Instant Challenges, and other DI events.

You will receive an e-mail containing your Team Number(s) and instructions to access online materials, including the Roadmap. The Roadmap is your guide as you navigate your Team through the DI Challenge Experience to Tournaments. The Roadmap contains Instant Challenges and activities to use during your meetings. Georgia DI sells a Roadmap Materials Kit  for $50 (shipping included).  In addition, we are offering a Team Manager Toolbox that has all the basics for new Team Managers.  You can find the TM Toolbox here.

We are also changing the timing and location of the  Showcases.  In order to provide a quality experience for all our teams and to ensure we have sufficient volunteer Appraisers at the Showcases, we are combining our two Regional Showcases to one Affiliate Showcase.  The Affiliate Showcase will remain optional, will be held on February 23rd , and will be held somewhere on the south side of Atlanta.  More on that later.

Educational non-competitive options: We have hundreds of Georgia educators using DI resources and activities in their classrooms, camps and other ways to the benefit of our Georgia students. DI’s roots and sustainability comes from the challenge program, but with that said, some of you are simply not available to lead a team in the full DI team challenge program.  The DI “seeds” are cheap and we have seen what can happen when sown or given to sow in previously overlooked places. We truly believe when our potential Georgia DI sponsors have opportunities to see the positive difference DI makes in the lives of our children, we will no longer have children and schools that are unable to participate because of financial reasons. Until then, please let Annette know if you have a need and we will work together on a creative solution.

Getting Support Volunteers: Where do your pre-service teachers come from? Are there area businesses that encourage employees to volunteer? Feel free to share Annette’s contact information and/or share their information with us. As we know, DI has a plethora of engaging activities that would be a great resource for pre-service and substitute educators. We are prepared to present to any size class or group for an hour (overview and sharing of resources) to full day. These ‘trained’ persons can help in a variety of roles including co-Team Manager and Tournament Appraisers.