Become a DI Team Manager

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In order to get started with this exciting season of Destination Imagination (DI), students need a Team Manager to guide them through the process of solving their Challenge. Chances are, there’s a group of enthusiastic would-be-DIers in your area who are just missing one thing—you! If you’re an adult DI alum looking to give back, a parent in search of new ways to inspire your kids’ curiosity, or an educator who’s passionate about project-based learning, this could be your opportunity to make an impact.

In the video below, hear from some of our volunteers on why being a Team Manager is so important for kids and such a valuable experience for adults.

Destination Imagination gives students the chance to build their teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking skills—and Team Managers have a front row seat! Are you ready to take the next step in your creative journey? Click here for all the details about starting a team —Team Numbers are available for purchase now! If you’re interested in coordinating a group of teams at the school or district level, please contact our Growth Director, Annette Rogers, to get started.