Background Checks for Team Managers

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In order to provide the highest level of safety for our participants, Georgia Enriches Minds, Inc. (aka Destination Imagination Georgia) requires all Team Managers to undergo a background check. Based on current best practices for organizations that work with children, we will now require all Team Managers to pass a background check to be eligible to register, lead a team or participate in our events, Affiliate tournament. These checks must be done each year.

Team Managers must complete their background check by one of the four methods. Please choose the method that most accurately fits the Team Manager’s situation.

  1. Team Managers may use Sterling Volunteers (formerly Verified Volunteers) for their background check under Georgia Enriches Minds negotiated rates of $28.50 for Complete Background Check (Level 3). Team Managers will pay for the cost of this check, which must be performed each year. Instructions to submit your Background request are here:
    1. Go to the website:
    2. Log in/Register through the volunteer portal.
    3. Select “GET VERIFIED” and enter Good Deed code: 9wwvffq
    4. Fill out the 4 steps, enter the necessary credit card information (if applicable) and submit.
  2. Team Managers who are Georgia public school employees may be certified as “background-checked” by one of Affiliate Director. This will be done by verifying a school system email address or via a school’s website.  Please send the request for using this method to: Dave Lohrmann,
  3. Team Managers who are private school employees may submit a letter from their school principal or assistant principal indicating that the Team Manager has passed a background check that has been updated during the school calendar year of the start of the current DI season.  Please send the request for using this method to: Dave Lohrmann,

All personal information provided stays with Sterling Volunteers and is not shared with Georgia Enriches Minds, Inc. If a Team Manager is not cleared to work with students, the Team Manager will be notified that their team cannot participate in a GA DI event or Affiliate Tournament until a new Team Manager with a passing background check is provided.

Background checks may only be conducted on individuals 18 years or older. Therefore, no one under the age of 18 may be a registered Team Manager.

The following will cause a Team Manager to fail a background check:

  1. Refusing to consent to a background check.
  2. Making a false statement in connection with the background check.
  3. Being a registered or requiring to be a registered on any sex offender registry.
  4. Being convicted of a crime involving felony child abuse.
  5. Being convicted of any crime against or involving a minor at any time in the past.
  6. Being convicted of a violent crimes.
  7. Any felony offenses involving unlawful sexual offenses.
  8. Any felony offenses involving domestic violence.
  9. Any offense that raises concern about the safety of the children.
  10. Receiving multiple convictions, whether felony or misdemeanor.

We follow these guidelines for determining whether a Team Manager with a background check that has been reported as failed or flagged by the background check agency:

  1. Crimes of violence (not sexual violence)
    • Must be at least 20 years in the past with no other convictions
  2. Theft or fraud related crimes
    • Must have been committed more than 15 years in the past with no other convictions
  3. Felony substance abuse or DUI
    • Must have been committed more than 10 years in the past and all court ordered actions/rehab needs to have been completed.

As a volunteer, your privacy rights include:

1. Notice and consent prior to the background check.
2. Notice of negative information before an adverse action is taken
3. A right to receive a copy of the report
4. A right to appeal an adverse decision
5. Proper disposal of information included in a report.