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Early Learning STEM Lessons For Teachers

Early STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education provides a critical foundation for future learning. Children are natural STEM investigators who are eager to explore, observe and ask questions. By introducing them early on to STEM, they learn skills such as communication, problem solving, creativity, empathy, self-confidence, reasoning, analysis and teamwork. Destination Imagination offers a


What Is Interference?

Our “No Interference” policy is one of the most valuable components of the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience and applies to each of our six competitive Challenges. All Destination Imagination (DI) Challenge solutions are kid-powered, meaning that no Team Managers, parents, or any other non-team members may contribute to a team’s solution in any way. Students on


What Does A Challenge Solution Look Like?

If you’re a first-time Team Manager and have no prior experience with Destination Imagination (DI), you may be thinking, “what does a DI Challenge solution even look like?” And that’s a great question. Before we talk about examples, however, it’s important to discuss some of the materials we’ve developed to help you manage your team


Learning About Clarifications

As your team members begin developing a solution to their Challenge, they may run into sections they find unclear. If your team runs into this issue, or has a question about something stated in Rules of the Road, the Team Manager can submit a Team Clarification on the team’s behalf. Each team can ask up


Quick Tips To Help You Navigate A Team Challenge

For those of you who have chosen a Team Challenge to solve this season, the next step is making sure all of your team members understand it. This may require your team to reread a Challenge several times. When going through a Team Challenge, it is also important to recognize terms such as “must,” “may,”


How to Choose a Team Challenge

Welcome to a brand new season of Destination Imagination! With six new Challenges to choose from, it can be tough for some teams to decide on which Challenge to solve. At your first team meeting, watch our Challenge Preview videos and review our First Look document. This will give you a brief look at this season’s


The Creativity Has Begun! What Do I Do Now? – Training!

ou’ve purchased your Destination Imagination (DI) Team Number, downloaded the Challenge materials from the Resource Area, and set your first meeting for next weekend. Congratulations! You are officially a Team Manager. But, wait! If you are an experienced Team Manager, you might be wondering if there is anything new you need to know. If you


New DI Youth Protection Policy Released

As an organization that provides programs and events for youth, the commitment to safety is a top priority for Destination Imagination (DI) and we strive to provide every team member with the safest possible experience. Destination Imagination has developed and implemented a Youth Protection Policy to provide all Destination Imagination participants, Team Managers, Appraisers, Challenge Masters, Affiliate


DI + PBL = A Unique Educational Experience

Throughout the long-term process of solving a Destination Imagination (DI) Challenge, participants experience project-based learning (PBL) in a one-of-a-kind way. PBL is a powerful teaching method that has numerous benefits for students, ranging from project management to self-confidence. According to research conducted by The Autodesk Foundation, project-based learning is linked to significant improvements in student test


2019-20 Team Challenges Are Now Available!

It’s time to officially kick off a brand new, creative season! It’s time to officially kick off a brand new, creative season of Destination Imagination! The 2019-20 Team Challenges, as well as our Roadmap and Rules of the Road resources, are now available for download in the Resource Area. In order to view or download these


Take A Look At Our 2019-20 Challenge Preview Videos

It’s almost time for a new season of Destination Imagination (DI)! Starting August 1, 2019 you will be able to review and download each of our 2019-20 Team Challenges after purchasing your Team Number. In the meantime, check out our 2019-20 Challenge Preview videos and get an inside look at what’s in store for the upcoming season.


Team Managers & Alumni: Guest Blog for Us!

Check out DI’s Alumni and Team Manager Blog Post.  [Click here]   You’ll find lots of useful information and maybe even contribute some of your own ideas.


Get An Inside Look At Next Season’s Challenges

It’s hard to believe that the next season of Destination Imagination is only a month away! From engineering a bridge live on stage to addressing a real need in your community, we will have seven new and exciting Team Challenges designed to help students tap into their creativity, learn how to work in teams, problem solve


Study: Closing The STEM Gap

Thank you to all of the Destination Imagination educators who participated in the STEM research project (in partnership with the Research Consortium on STEM Career Pathways, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, National Girls Collaborative, the Educational Research Center of America and AAPT Physics Education) over the past few years. The demand for skilled workers is high


Check Out Photos From Global Finals 2019

Can’t stop thinking about all the fun you had at Global Finals 2019? With more than 17,000 people in attendance, we snapped a lot of photos and are happy to announce that they are all posted in our online photo gallery. From our ceremonies to Team Challenge presentations to workshops and hands-on exhibits, check out thousands