Affiliate Tournament Information

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Georgia Affiliate Tournament Canceled

Due to continuing developments around the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, GADI has made the difficult decision to cancel the Affiliate Tournament. Read our full statement here.



March 21st is Tournament Day !

First, we want to take a minute to remind you of some important items:

We are excited to be returning to Lanier High School for our Affiliate Tournament. All Team Challenge presentation sites and Instant Challenge rooms are on the main floor, so you won’t have to deal with stairs. We will also be holding Closing Ceremonies in the Cafeteria, so you won’t have to deal with the stairs & bleachers.

To read our advisory on the Coronavirus/COVID-19, click here.

Lanier High School Information

  1. Lanier High School has asked us to let you know that they are a drug-free environment, which means that tobacco and alcohol are not permitted anywhere on school grounds.  Here is a link to Google maps to the school.
  2. Of course, it goes without saying that no weapons of any sort will be permitted at the school or in any of the performance venues.
  3. Parking and loading/unloading areas at the school will be in the back (north side) and west side of the school.  Signs will direct you to the loading/unloading areas.
  4. There is guest WIFI, but you will need to register on-site.
  5. There is very limited cell phone service inside Lanier HS. Please plan accordingly.
  6. We recommend that you visit your performance area a little ahead of time to find the loading and unloading area for your Challenge (signs will be posted).  Plenty of parking is available around the school, so we ask that you please unload as fast as you can and then move your car. This will give all teams fair access to unloading zones.
  7. Once unloaded, move your props to the designated prop storage ares.  Props my note be stored in the halls around the performance venues.

Affiliate Tournament Specific Information

Okay, with all of that said, we would like to tell you about how we’re doing things this year.  Each year, we take your comments and suggestions and use them to improve the day for adults and students alike. With that in mind:

  1. Here is a link to the DRAFT Team Performance Schedule for the day.  Of course, there may be some modifications after this weekend.  We’ll let you know if the schedule changes.This information will also be found in the tournament program, distributed the day of the tournament.
  2. A link to the map of the school and the various challenge sites will be made available.  Large, poster sized maps will be posted around the school.
  3. Remember your team paperwork
    • 6 copies of the Tournament Data Forms (please use the fillabel PDFs – much easier for our Appraisers to read),
    • 1 copy of the Expense Report
    • 2 copies of the Declaration of Independence (one for the Central Challenge and one for Instant Challenge).
    • Extra blank copies of these forms will be available on Tournament Day in case you forget, but it is highly recommended to arrive as prepared as possible.
  4. Don’t forget your Team Sign.  See the Rules of the Road, for the requirements for the sign.  This will help the audience know who is performing.
  5. Prior to arriving, please review the Rules of the Road, any Published Clarifications for your Team Challenge, and re-read your Team Challenge. Reviewing this information will help your day go smoother.
  6. Have your team read the “Tournament Guide” for the Tournament.  It’s very helpful for them to know the flow of the event.  It can be found here.
  7. Check In/Registration opens at 8:00 am(You may arrive at any time, but we highly recommend that you arrive no less than 90 minutes before your Central Challenge time. You know your team best though, so it is up to you and your team to determine when to arrive.
  8. When you arrive, check in first at the Registration desk in the CAFETERIA. We ask that ONLY THE TEAM MANAGER or your delegate check in the team. This is your one-stop location to check in your team, get maps of the school, your team manager packet and get all of the information for the day.  Please check your schedule once you have your packets to verify there have been no last minute changes.  All sites will run from the schedule printed in the program.
  9. Meet up with all your team members.  Often, teams arrive in several cars, so plan a location ahead of time to meet.  The Cafeteria is an ideal place to meet up.  We’ll reserve a table section for each team.
  10. Check out your site.  Find the prop storage area and feel free to unload any props that may need to be assembled.  Look and see where the power outlets are, and where the audience and appraiser areas are so that your team knows where to set up their presentation. Your team may practice in the hallways, but you CANNOT practice in any challenge site. If you chose to practice in the hallways, please be mindful of space and noise.
  11. Please remind your parents and other supporters which challenge your team has chosen, what their team name is, and what time they will be competing.  Also, remind them that they cannot view the Instant Challenge, so they should plan to arrive in time to view the team challenge presentation.  Please see the “Helpful Tips for TMs” document.  You may wish to provide a completed copy of page 1 for your parents.
  12. Remember that Team Managers and parents are welcome to help move props and other items around the parking lots and to the performance sites.  However, once the teams are in the Launch Area, only team members may move their items (Rising Stars excluded).  Also, any damage that might be incurred while teams (or parents) are moving their materials must be fixed by the team members.  And don’t forget that any preparation by the team for their performance such as make-up, hair, or costume repair must also be done by the teams.
  13. Schedule for the Day:
    • 8:00 am – Registration/Check In/Info Table (closes at 1:00pm
    • 9:30 am – Challenge Presentations & Instant Challenges begin
    • 10:00 am – Special Activities (Games for Giants, Keva Plank build, Keva “Outbreak”, Photobooth, etc.)
    • 11:00 am – Escape Room – A very BIG HIT last year
    • 2:30 pm – Closing Ceremonies
  14. During the Day – Your team will have two presentations during the day:
    • Team Challenge will be at the various Challenge sites.  Make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before your presentation time to check in with the Prep Appraiser.  All supporters are encouraged to watch their team and as many others as possible to see what our Georgia teams are capable of doing.
    • Instant Challenge (IC): Supporters may not watch Instant Challenge.  Only Teams and 1 Team manager need to report to the IC hall 15 minutes before their scheduled time. Please remember that no watches, timers, phones, or any other electronic devices will be permitted in the IC Room. You will need to leave these items with a responsible individual prior to entering IC.
    • Rising Stars will be offered an Instant Challenge to give them a chance to experience the full realm of creative problem solving.
    • Interference is a serious issue at Tournaments, and is often committed by well-meaning parents and other adults. You are responsible for seeing that your supporters all understand the rules of interference and do not try to help repair props, help their children with costumes (including hair and make-up), or give any last minute pointers to the team. Be aware that audience participation is considered interference and your team should not involve the audience in their performance.
    • Adults ARE allowed to help move props, including moving them to the Launch Area before the team’s performance. 

16. Lunch and Snacks are Available – The Lanier High School Wrestling team’s Booster club is running the lunch and snack area for the teams.  They’ll have a variety of reasonably priced options for your team and supports.  You can leave the school to buy lunch, but there isn’t much around Lanier HS, so I recommend staying on campus.  

17. Volunteers (non-appraiser) – All volunteers should check in at the registration table in the Cafeteria.  Please have your volunteer check in a couple of minutes early to get any instructions and needed directions.  Someone else may be waiting on your volunteer to replace them at their post.


  • Be ready to move into the Prep Area about 20 minutes before your scheduled performance time.  If your team has lots of stuff, you will need to work out how long it will take you to unload and be ready to go.
  • Arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled Instant Challenge time.  One Team Manager should go to the IC hall to check in.  Team Members and extra TMs should wait in the designated area.  You will be called when it’s your turn for IC.
  • Let all parents and other supporters know that in some venues the doors will be closed during performances and that they will not be admitted to the venue while a performance is in progress.  This means that they need to be there early to get a seat.
  • Teams must be careful not to damage the floors. Each team is responsible for cleaning up any mess (glitter, water, etc.) that they may make during their performance. If your team’s performance might cause a mess, you must bring your own broom, paper towels, etc. to clean it up.
  • Following each team’s performance, the Appraisers will talk to the team. As soon as they are finished, adults are allowed to come into the performance area and help clean up, remove props, and return things to the vehicles in which they arrived.

19. Closing Ceremonies – Closing ceremonies will celebrate all that these students have accomplished over the year.  Some teams will go home with trophies and invitations to Global Finals, but all of the teams will have shown us something amazing.  All supporters and team members are encouraged to stay or return to the school for closing ceremonies so that the WHOLE team can be recognized when their names are called. All Rising Stars teams will also receive recognition with medals. We encourage these teams to stay for Closing Ceremonies as well. We intend for the end the day to have just as much energy as we started with because these students really deserve the recognition, applause, and enthusiasm after their hard work.

  • Each year, we have teams that place first, but for various reasons are unable to attend Global Finals. When that is the case, the Globals spot is offered to the second place team. So, if your team does not place first and still wishes to attend Global Finals, DO NOT let their props be destroyed until you confirm with me that the first place team is attending Globals.

Remember, we want you and your team to enjoy the day, so if you have any problems or concerns, you can find one of our Board members/Officials (we’ll be wearing the dark blue aprons) or go to the Information Desk where they can radio for assistance.
Thank you for your time and hard work.  See you March 21st.