Team and Team Manager Resource Area

Teams and Team Managers will find all sorts of helpful information on this page.

Georgia provides all sorts of helpful information to our Team and Team Managers. If you’re interested in being a part of the Destination Imagination program, please contact us by visiting our contact us page.

  • Go to our Calendar for the program year events, training sessions and monthly conference calls..
  • Online Training currently houses online training modules for “Being a DI Appraiser” and “Being a DI Team Manager.”  Each module is designed with a one-to-many approach to allow consistency across the DI constituency, as well as help to establish program standards.  Destination Imagination invites all of its volunteers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about the Destination Imagination program.
  • You can find an example of a typical DI timeline to help guide you through the season.
  • Make use of the Instant Challenge freebies. There are more downloadable Instant Challenges below.
  • Some resources available for download:

Team Manager Resources

  • Videos available for teams and team managers to learn how a team challenge is presented and how teams think about solving a team challenge:


  • Some videos on Instant Challenge